About Jumis HB

One contractor for the entire range of services 

The basis of our concept for property management complex package – unifying specialists from various areas in one unit under one management. We offer full service package where our clients can deal with one contractor regarding all necessary services.

Our team of specialists operates in complex property management since 2007 and is able to find a rational, or even an elegant and creative, solution in any situation.


1996 – SIA “Jumis HB” is founded

1998 – started offering services in design, engineering, re-construction and installation of utility networks

2001 – start offering services in power supply, power distribution, and sales of electric installation up to 1000V

2007 – began to offer services in property management with a full all-inclusive package and offering ability to work with one contractor in every situation

2011 – Quality management certificate ISO 9001:2008 is received and implemented along with ISO 14000:2004, which proves full compliance with ecological management system compliance with system management standards.

Company operates in accordance with corresponding licenses, issued within procedures by Licensing bureau of Electrotechnical commission of Republic of Latvia.

We are arranging all necessary calculations, negotiations, installation, comission, re-construction, construction, guarantee and afterguarantee technical maintenance.

In our work, we use most innovative and modern technologies and materials that are supplied to Latvian market by our long-term suppliers from best European manufacturing companies. All used production and materials are certified.

Our workers are all highly trained specialists. All engineers, technitians and other specialists have all the necessary professional certificates and are allowed to undertake all kinds of contractor work.

Our clients and partners