Electrical Engineering network audit


Jumis HB Ltd. specialists are auditing engineering electric systems with voltage up to 1000 VAC from the commercial control devices of AS Latvenergo up to customers "outlet". Customer may also make a request for additional audit of equipment connected to the electrical network. Evaluation of performance and condition of the equipment is processed in accordance with existing regulations LEK and LBN.

During the audit, the following work will take place:

1. Check of the availability and status of documentation on the power system of the object:

  • Layout of equipment, documentation of main switchboard electric equipment, presence and correctness of installation, the principal, the principal single line and function cirquits. Also, check of the data of contract with electricity supply company.
  • Availability of measurement protocols, operating instructions, certificates of equipment, maintenance logs, time installation of counters and others.

2. Evaluation of Electric equipment schemes and number of the consumers of the object. Compile a list of consumer groups. Checking the status of cable lines, including boards, construction elements of electrical structures, distribution boxes and terminal elements. Availability check of ground loops at the facility, lightning protection systems, backup power sources, and automatic backup switching, reactive power compensators, the description of the accounting system of energy consumption and control devices (meters). Verifying the labeling elements of power supply system.

3. Assessment of electric systems of the object. Performance assessment of electric systems, mapping of switchboards connections. Assessment of the status of networks according to the norms and requirements of electrical equipment installation.

4. Conducting electro measurements (in the case of expiration dates of existing protocols, lack of protocols, network damage, etc.). At the same time executing the following protocols:

  • Measuring protocol of insulation resistance of cables
  • Measuring protocol of values spreading resistance grounding loop
  • Protocol of ground element presence
  • Protocol of resistance value loop "phase - zero" presence
  • Protocol of presence of lightning protection system circuit

Additionally following measurements may carried out:

  • Measuring protocol of transition resistance values
  • Measuring protocol of thermographic survey of contact connections, cables, electrical equipment surfaces and assemblies
  • Measuring protocol of the light level at working places
  • Analysis of power quality and definition of energy consumption of individual consumers.

5. Compilation of a list of observations and recommendations for their elimination.


Depending on Customer needs and desires, additional and special work can be performed. For example, the assessment of necessary to install on-site uninterruptible and backup power system, the need to replace inefficient lighting, etc.