Heating network audit


Jumis HB Ltd. specialists are auditing heating engineering networks from building heating unit up to radiators in the rooms of the object. Typically, heating networks audit is held together with the audit of water supply systems.

During the audit, the following operations take place:

1. Check the availability and status of documentation of the heating supply network of the object:

  • abstraction and refill schemes of the heater contour circuit, schemes of equipment for heater preparation and piping layout (including axonometric scheme), including radiators, valves and filtration equipment, layout of equipment (heating units, boilers, water treatment equipment (heat exchangers) presence and location of control devices: level indicators, pressure gauges, flow meters, flow sensors, thermometers, etc..). Presence, accuracy and functional concept of the heating unit.

2. The evaluation of heating schemes of the object. Estimated power and performance / efficiency of the system, the number of circuits and equipment selection modes, state of the elements of heat distribution (radial risers and pipelines, radiators, valves, filters, regulators), damage to the gauge. Assessesment of the state of individual system components (pumps, pressure, circulation pumps, three-way valves, plugs, etc.)

Thermal photography of system elements and structures can be carried out to assess factors affecting the efficiency of the heating system of the object if necessary.

3. Compilation of a list observations and recommendations for their elimination.