Low-voltage engineering networks and IT audit


Jumis HB Ltd. Specialists are auditing low-voltage networks engineering which includes:

  • Fire alarm
  • BMS network
  • Security, sound alerts, video surveillance and access control networks
  • Automation and control equipment network

During the audit, the following works take place:

1. Check of the availability and status of documentation on the low-voltage network of the object:

  • layout of equipment (including laying of signal lines route / rays, location of the sensors, readers, actuators and drives, boards, panels and controllers, IT equipment, video cameras, sirens, alarms and warning lights, alarm buttons, signs); presence and correctness installation, integrity, function charts. Check for presence of contracts with service organizations.
  • Availability check of measurement protocols, operating instructions, certificates for equipment, regulatory magazines, and other forms.

2. Evaluation of the correctness of the choice and classification of the system based on the functions performed by the system, as well as by the room’s classification and parameters. Verification of compliance of the existing regulations, including the rules of fire safety.

3. Assessment of low-voltage networks of the object. Performance evaluation of networks, and the condition of the individual elements. Verifying systems and separate elements. Verifying the marking system elements and the availability of the necessary signs and symbols. The presence of on-site all the necessary elements of the systems (eg, fire extinguishers, evacuation plans, backup chips and so on.).

4. Compilation of a list observations and recommendations for their elimination.