Water pipe network audit


Jumis HB Ltd. Specialists are auditing plumbing network utilities from the building entering point to the sanitary equipment and components.

During the audit, the following works take place:

1. Check of the availability and status of documentation of the water supply network of the object:

  • input circuit; layout of water distribution system piping (including axonometric scheme), including valves and filtration equipment; layout of equipment (pump equipment, damping, expansion, distribution equipment, water treatment equipment (heat exchangers), the presence and location of control devices - level indicators, pressure gauges, flow meters, flow sensors, thermometers and others.
  • availability of measurement protocols, operating instructions, certificates for pumping stations equipment and heating units, water treatment devices, log inspection equipment and meter reading etc.

2. Evaluation of water supply schemes of the object. Estimation of power and performance of the system, the number of loops and the correct choice of operating conditions for  equipment, the state of the elements of water distribution system (risers and radial pipes, valves, filters) and damage to the gauge. Assessment of the state of individual system components (pumps, pressure, circulation pumps, three-way valves, plugs, etc.)

  • Compilation of a list observations and recommendations for their elimination.