Guaranteed power supply


It is impossible to imagine the life of modern society without electricity. Each of us has experienced a power failure in a residential or public building. During such outages, it seems as if life has halted to a still, especially if the outage happens at night. If the electrical outage happens during winter months, the consequences could be disastrous. Owning a backup generator will help you to solve any household or business operational issues by providing power for industrial or warehouse facilities, the ability to use a computer, use of office equipment, artificial light, fast and convenient food preparation.

To provide guaranteed power supply, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are used. They provide a stable power supply from the main power sources as well as noise suppression and a high frequency voltage level stabilization. Such a system will provide reliable protection against damage caused by possible failures in the power supply. Any interruption of the centralized power supply will have no affect to the company work, if the guaranteed power system is installed.

Any equipment work can be affected by voltage failure, voltage spikes and sags, electromagnetic and radio frequency interference and by the frequency deviation. For complex solution of all problems with power supply best is to install uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

UPS system can send notification in case of occurred emergency. This process is accompanied by closing of the customer's information system in automatic mode, so data integrity is fully maintained. Any life-support systems are supported in active work state. Communication and security alarm systems are also active. Even with an extended mains power, our systems will continue to work, providing power to all the important components.

UPS market offers a wide range of equipment from different manufacturers. Depending on company needs uninterruptible power systems can be used to save your work in standalone mode only for designated areas, for example lighting, computer operation, heating and so on. Power distribution device manage power supply to certain customers - video cameras, personal computers. Such system allows not interrupting workflow due to power failure from the main power. When a power outage occurs, backup generator will start automatically and will support all systems for operation state.

Our qualified specialists can provide full range of design and installation of power systems including subsequent service. Preliminary consultation will help to clarify the customer’s objectives and needs for optimal use of appropriate equipment.