Light-emitting diode lighting (LED)

Technologies of the Future 

Our company offers LED lighting - one of the most promising directions of artificial lighting technologies based on the use of LEDs as a light source.

The main advantage of this technology is low power consumption, as well as low heat generation and small size of optical elements.

Energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and uniquely designed solutions of artificial lighting, the interest in which is growing faster than the field of their applications in light engineering. LED lighting solutions are presented almost in all areas of lighting. For example, areas where frequent maintenance has high costs, where rigid economy is necessary for electricity, or where there is a high demand on electrical safety.

Scope of application: completely replace traditional incandescent, halogen and metal halide lamps.

The advantages of this illumination:

  • Environmentally friendly, no need for special disposal of LED lights;
  • The lack of strong heating lamp with LED lighting and illumination;
  • Provide a high color-rendering index with lighted;
  • Provide no UV and other harmful emissions;
  • Complete absence of danger overloading the power supply at the time of turning on LED lights on;
  • Instant ignition when the supply voltage is on and the performance independence of LEDs at low temperatures;
  • Cost of labor and resources due to lack of need for constant maintenance of LEDs.