Property management complex package

By inviting professionals, the service you get is quick and accurate 

This is the kind of service, that is used by various companies to help optimize their performance, by passing a number of minor business functions to specialized companies, thus concentrating on their priority activities and business.

Included Basic services:

  • Daily cleaning of premises
  • General cleaning
  • Specialized cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Delivery of household goods
  • Maintenance of real estate (houses, factories, manufacturing facilities, etc.)
  • Maintenance of buildings and structures
  • Seasonal cleaning (cleaning snow, grass mowing, etc.)
  • Technical support and service 24/7
  • All types of repairs

Additional services:

  • Carpet replacement
  • Waste disposal
  • Pest Control
  • Transportation and loading services
  • Security Services

Benefits provided by integrated services:

  • Financial benefits – If you were to choose this package, the implementation and operating costs would be lower than if you were to establish each of the services from the package individually.
  • Reduce the amout of necessary expenses and minimization of fixed resource base;
  • Time Saving – when choosing the above-mentioned package, you are able to focus on your business;
  • When you hire professionals, the services you get are quick and accurate.


  • One contact person in all matters related to facility activity
  • Quality of work performed
  • Professional responsibility guarantee
  • Use of environment-friendly cleaning products, materials and technologies.