Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

From small household UPS to large industrial grade systems. 

Riello UPS 2015.gada JAUNUMS - Multi Power v2.1

UPS guarantees uninterrupted power supply. The system protects from failures of electricity supply and serves as an active stabilization tool for dealing with power outages from power network.

UPS devises are used in: private sector, banking systems, industrial processes, medicine, emergency services, shopping networks, IT business, PC networks, servers, Information centers, telecommunications, etc.

Jumis HB” Ltd. is representing “Riello UPS Manufacturing” in Latvia. Company manufacture more that 75 models with power range from 300 Wt to 4800 kWt, that are built with Line-Intercative and On-Line schemes.

All RIELLO's UPS manufacture is certified by ISO 9001 standard – by international certification institution Det Norske Veritas. Strict quality control and checks of the materials are constantly performed on the manufacturing sites. Automatic installation of the elements on PCB is used, computers control the quality throughout the whole process of the manufacture. RIELLO UPS swiftly responds to inquiries from the clients manufacturing UPS devices with unique required characteristics.

We offer:

  • Calculations of necessary UPS power for your needs
  • Recommendations on choosing the correct UPS model
  • Installation and commissioning of the UPS and diesel generators
  • Special 24-hour technical support
  • Technical Maintenance
  • Supply of original spare parts
  • Modernization and complete system overhauls
  • Supply, testing, battery exchange
  • Installation of diesel generators, which can be used as an alternative source of power supply, allowing un-interrupted power.

Efficiency levels with ECO Mode:

Eco Energy Level